Your F5 VMworld Voter's Pamphlet -- or Help Send me to Vegas

Being sent to Vegas is not something I generally aspire to. But in this case I'll make an exception. #VMworld is being held in Vegas this year August 28th - September 1st.

Each year proscpective presenters prepare our session proposals and submit them to be voted upon. Those sessions with the most votes are chosen to be presented at the show. This year I have three different session proposals that I've submitted. And this is where I need your help. I'd appreciate your vote. 

My first session is titled, "F5 and VMware NSX Combine Forces in the SDDC to Provide Advanced Networking Services via Service Insertion" The Session ID is 7829. I’ll continue where I left off last year showing the advancements made via the Service Insertion model for F5 being able to provide actual high availability and security for your applications running within an NSX enabled environment.

My next session(s) have the title: "VDI Dodgeball: The top 5 pitfalls to avoid with your VDI deployment”  The session numbers are 7822 (Vegas) and 8672 (Barcelona — yes! Please send us to Barcelona). I’ll be doing these sessions with Sammie Ginger from SimpliVity. She and I will discuss the benefits of running your VDI on the SimpliVity Hyper Converged platform through an F5. Hyper Converged Systems are HOT right now. We will show the how and the why to use both F5 and SimpliVity to deliver rock solid VDI services.

There are several other F5r's who have session proposals that are worthy of your votes as well.
Justin Venezia F5's very own Mr. EUC has four sessions submitted. 
They are:

"End–to-End Security for End User Computing" [8441]
"Tips and Tricks for a Successfult End User Computing Deployment" [8451]
"Architecting Highly Available, Scalabe and Resilient Enterprise Mobility & Desktop/Application Solutions" [8784]
"Secure, Scalable, and Simple Remote Access Strategies with F5 and VMware End User Computing" [8783]

Are you trying to realize all the things. Then this session featuring Matt Quill and Kent Munson will show off just how to do so. This session is chock full o demos so if you like to see it in action this is your session. The title is, "vRealize the Possibilities: Application Agility and Rapid Deployment with vRealize Automation, Orchestrator, Operations and Log Insight” and there are two session numbers one Vegas 8110 and one Barcelona 8148.

We have even put together a Panel discussion with several customer CTOs. This will be an exciting real-world use case driven session. The title is, "Running the 4-Minute Mile - Practical Advice for Your Accelerating Network Ops - A CTO Panel Discussion,” and the session ID is 8140.

So now that you have the lay of the land and know all about the F5 session proposals I’m going to make it easy for you to vote them all up. Follow along:

First, Log into your VMworld account at
Then insert the following session numbers into the search box

7822, 8672, 7829, 8784, 8451, 8783, 8441, 8110, 8148, 8140

This will bring up all of the sessions on one page making it easy for you to click the star to the left of each title to vote them up and help send us all to VMworld.

I know we are all being asked to vote a lot these days and I appreciate your help.

This message was paid for and is approved by the committee of F5r's bound for VMworld

Published May 05, 2016
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