Webinar: Manage F5 BIG-IP Infrastructure with Puppet

An introductory webinar plus Q&A on 14 November 2017

F5 and Puppet have been working together for some time now, with the goal to make application deployments easy through automation. Over the past few months we made improvements to the Puppet’s existing F5 module in order to provide greater flexibility with the BIG-IP devices – independent of their form factor. We're bringing in experts from both F5 and Puppet to introduce you to the improved F5 module and talk about how to manage BIG-IP configurations including objects like virtual servers, pools, nodes and more.

Join F5 and Puppet for our first webinar on Tuesday November 14th, 2017 from 11AM to 12PM PST where we will:

  • Explain F5 and Puppet integration
  • Cover the improvements made to the F5 module and the on-going development work
  • Show how to use Puppet to bootstrap F5 BIG-IP pairs
  • Show how to run day to day tasks such as pool member management using Puppet
  • Answer your questions about the F5 module and the integration

Don't miss out! We are looking forward to sharing with everyone.

Published Nov 03, 2017
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