VMworld 2012 Europe - Strobel's Scribblings, Part II

Part II from our man on the ground, Frank Strobel, at VMworld Europe 2012 in Barcelona:

What do motorcycles, tapas, and F5 have in common?  Well, yes, that would be VMworld EMEA 2012.  Let me explain...
Today was the first full day of VMworld and we introduced the new F5 look & feel to EMEA.  Not only do we have a beautiful new color scheme for our booth that aligns with the recently re-designed F5.com web site but we updated our messaging as well. 

The primary areas of focus are Orchestration, Management, and Control.

One significant contribution to providing our customers with more control in their virtualized environments is F5's support for VMware's VXLAN we announced today.  To gain a better understanding of what this means, please check out the blog entry from the fabulous Lori Mac Vittie: Getting You One Step Closer to a SDDC or F5’s latest press release here.
As for motorcycles, we have a fun simulator in our booth.  Come check us out at G100 and drive a Harley Davidson Fat Boy.  Everyone is a winner and there are some special prizes for those driving the quickest lap!
So, that leaves us with tapas.  Those really have nothing to do with VMworld but because I love to eat, I thought that I should mention them.  They are really, really good and the thought about enjoying another lovely dinner makes the long day at the event go by a little bit faster...
Published Oct 10, 2012
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