Upgrade your BIG-IP systems for more secure apps

Keeping your BIG-IP software up to date ensures you have access to advanced capabilities and higher-quality, more secure releases. At a minimum, F5 recommends implementing BIG-IP 14.1.0 across your BIG-IP fleet. BIG-IP 15.1.0 and 16.0.0 will reward you with the most advanced BIG-IP functionality, including new protocol support and security capabilities.

Walkthrough Videos

For a walkthrough of three common upgrade scenarios, watch the following videos:


For information about upgrading with the assistance of automation, watch DevCentral Connects: Automating Software Updates with BIG-IQ or Ansible.

Official Training

F5 has temporarily, and until further notice, made the following training available for free:


For more information about upgrading, refer to the F5 page on BIG-IP upgrade.

Published Aug 12, 2020
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