The Top 10, Top 10 Predictions for 2015

The time of year that crystal balls get a viewing and many pundits put out their annual predictions for the coming year. Rather than thinking up my own, I figured I’d regurgitate what many others are expecting to happen.

IDC Reveals Worldwide Internet of Things Predictions for 2015 - So 2014, according to last year's proclamations, was the break out year for the Internet of Things (Iot) and it didn't disappoint. IoT is everywhere and IDC offers their take for 2015. Cloud, security & network capacity all come into play when wearables, embedded systems and smart cities overrun our society.

Gartner Identifies the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 - Gartner announced their technology trends that will be strategic for most organizations in October with IoT, Everywhere Computing and 3D Printing topping the list. They also include the rise of Smart Machines, Software defined systems and the recognition that it is not possible to provide a 100 percent secured environment. Once organizations acknowledge that, they can begin to apply more-sophisticated risk assessment and mitigation tools.

Seven Cloud Security Predictions for 2015 - OK, not 10 but 7 interesting cloud security predictions from Perspecsys. With more breaches and surveillance it is important to secure sensitive data while maintaining application functionality. True that. They talk about how Private Clouds will continue growth, the rise of Intellectual data in the cloud, mobile-first development, breach insurance and how the cloud is redrawing the IT security line.

More Cloud Data Breaches ‘Inevitable’ in 2015, Forrester Says - Robert Graham reviews Forrester's Predictions 2015: The Days of Fighting the Cloud are Over which talks about how cloud breaches are inevitable but it will probably happen through some typical business process or lack of training rather than a direct cloud hit. Forrester also says that Docker containers will become a slam dunk, that there will be a surge in industry-specific, software-as-a-service product (IoT?) and Software-as-a-service vendors will creep toward hybrid rollouts.

Top 10 Tech Predictions for 2015 - Over on LinkedIn Dr. Hossein Eslambolchi, Chairman and CEO at CyberFlow Analytic, offers his 2015 take. He notes that that Applications must be the center (of the universe), that Data Intensive Applications Will Rule Wireless IP and that Cloud Computing Will Plateau among his futures.

Security Predictions for 2015 and Beyond - Trend Micro has their annual report out called The Invisible Become Visible on how more cybercriminals with use darknets to share attack tools, stage attacks and sell the ill-gotten gains.We'll be sharing more data, our passwords will still be a target and an exploit kit specifically targeting Android will appear.

Top cybersecurity predictions of 2015 - ZDNet offers a slideshow (with text) with their perception. While our healthcare info is always at risk, there will be new players and vulnerabilities geared toward stealing that plus a whole lotta other stuff since Information is a digital goldmine. Also, as more IoT devices connect, there will be attacks targeting your thermostat, car or coffee machine. I called it over a year ago but there you have it.

IDC: Top 10 Technology Predictions For 2015 - Yea, I had IDC at the top for IoT but this is their overall report. Forbes goes over this report where new technologies (cloud, mobile, big data, and the Internet of Things — and an exploding number of solutions built on them) will see 100% growth. Worldwide IT and telecommunications spending will grow 3.8% in 2015 to more than $3.8 trillion. Wireless data will grow, innovative partnerships will form, cloud is the new data center and China will have huge influence. Interesting read here.

2015 Timeline - has an interesting list of upcoming 2015 events. While technology driven, many look at achievements and plans rather than wishes and guesses. For instance, in 2015 The first solar aircraft to circumnavigate the globe will make an attempt, there will be The first self-regulating artificial heart, that Electric car ownership reaches 1 million worldwide and The New Horizons probe arrives at Pluto. It just woke up from the 9 year trip yesterday!

26 Hilariously Inaccurate Predictions About the Future - And for some fun, nostalgia and history here are some predictions that just never came true. From personal helicopters to rocket belts to homes made of steel, many come with the original story.




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Published Dec 09, 2014
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