In 5 Minutes or Less Video - IP Intelligence Service

I show you how to configure the IP Intelligence Service available on BIG-IP v11.2, in 5 Minutes or Less.  By identifying relevant IP addresses and leveraging intelligence from cloud-context security solutions, F5's new IP Intelligence service combines valuable information on the latest threats with the unified policy enforcement capabilities of the BIG-IP application delivery platform.   Deployed as part of the BIG-IP system, F5’s IP Intelligence service leverages data from multiple sources to effectively gather real-time IP threat information and block connections with those addresses. The service reveals both inbound and outbound communication with malicious IP addresses to enable granular threat reporting and automated blocking, helping IT teams create more effective security policies to protect their infrastructures.

In 5 Minutes or Less - IP Intelligence Service

A free 30 day evaluation of the IP intelligence service is available.


Published Jun 29, 2012
Version 1.0

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