In 5 Minutes or Less Video - F5's iHealth System

Maintaining your system and troubleshooting issues can be time-consuming and tedious.  Whether you want to fix a problem, improve performance, or view your system’s running configuration, F5 BIG-IP iHealth™ can help you accomplish your task quickly and accurately. BIG-IP iHealth consists of BIG-IP iHealth Diagnostics and BIG-IP iHealth Viewer.  BIG-IP iHealth Diagnostics identifies issues, including common configuration problems and known software issues. It also provides solutions and links to more information.  With BIG-IP iHealth Viewer, you can see the status of your system at-a-glance, drill down for details, and view your network configuration.

F5 iHealth system, an exclusive online support service available to F5 customers and partners, is designed to proactively improve the performance of application delivery infrastructures.  iHealth is a web-based application that provides insight into BIG-IP product deployments through performance monitoring and automated analysis.  iHealth gives users a succinct description of identified issues along with F5's recommendations for addressing them.  This comprehensive analysis validates current product configurations against best practices, and displays heuristics data in an easy-to-understand format based on the familiar BIG-IP interface.  In offering a proactive approach to troubleshooting, iHealth significantly decreases the time and effort necessary to diagnose and address technical issues.

F5’s iHealth System



Published Jan 04, 2011
Version 1.0

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