F5 LBaaS Solutions and Mirantis

As F5 has continued to evolve our OpenStack related efforts we have developed a partnership ecosystem and developed key integrations. These integrations are critical to our customer deployments. In this post, we will discuss our partnership with Mirantis, the leading pure-play OpenStack offering, who provides customers with a validated distribution of OpenStack and expertise in the deployment of open cloud architectures.  

In December of last year, we inked our partnership with Mirantis, documented our integration with Mirantis OpenStack and have worked to provide our mutual customers in both the Telco\SP and Enterprise spaces with a crucial open cloud platform solution set to address today's production-grade use cases. The validation of our F5 LBaaS plugin on the Mirantis OpenStack platform is a crucial step, but merely the first step in our tighter integration with the Mirantis OpenStack platform.

Over the last six months, our team in Boulder has been working diligently on developing essential tools for the OpenStack platform.  One of the most critical offerings are our HEAT templates available on our github repository, which enable customers to onboard and then customize our BIG-IP product in an OpenStack environment. Using HEAT in combination with project Murano it will be possible for customers to create an automated full-stack, self-service catalog for internal and external customers. 

An additional method to simplify the deployment of LBaaS into a Mirantis OpenStack would be via Mirantis Fuel plugins.  We are actively exploring ways to simplify the deployment of F5 LBaaS in OpenStack and Mirantis OpenStack specifically.  

Please feel free to contact us for feedback and please stop by our booth at the upcoming OpenStack summit in Austin.  

Published Apr 21, 2016
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