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Welcome to F5 Distributed Cloud Platform. Today I am going to share with you on a topic on “Right Tools for the Right Job” specifically focusing on Cloud Migration Journey – which migrating workloads from on-prem to public cloud. I had many conversations with customers throughout the region for the past few weeks and months. A lot of them have a very common questions for me. How F5 Distributed Cloud helps in my cloud migration and how other people do it. I recorded a quick high level concept demo and summary of some of those strategies that I shared. I also performed a live demonstration on how it works.

For those that are impatient, here's the video demonstrating how it works.

This is an analogy. You have a real house. Have you ever tried to use watercolour brush to pain your house or using a sledgehammer to demolish a house? I guess, technically, it is possible and doable but it probably cause you a lot of effort, time and money. Same with cloud migration. There are a lot of tools in the market that potentially can help you on your cloud migration journey. You need the right tools for the right job. Using the right tools can save business time, money and effort. Choosing the wrong tools for wrong jobs may cause business money and opportunity cost.

The following are some of those quotes that were mentioned, discussed and brainstormed with customer.

"Cloud Migration only the first step to cloud journey. There are more to do after on Clouds"

"Migrate to Cloud, NOT move Data Center to Cloud"

"I still have on-prem workload. Can’t move everything to Clouds"

Is cloud migration only the task that an organization after? Absolutely not in my opinion. After migration of your workload to cloud, you still need to operate it as you operate, monitor and manage those workloads in your DC. Probably once your workload in the cloud, it is a lot easier to leverage modern automation and tools chain to better operate your workload. Hence, cloud migration is only the first step to your cloud journey. It is not the ultimate destination of many organizations.  Once workload moved to cloud, how you leverage cloud benefit to excel your business? How you increase your operational excellence, reduce operation cost, increase your product time to market, create values for business and so on.

Don’t just “move” your data centre onto cloud and inherite all those architecture debt on-prem whereas is you still manage VM or workload like you managed in a DC. Cloud allows business to accelerate and agile and move with the speed of competition.

Unless you move every single piece of service to cloud, majority of the time, organization still have footprint on-prem. Hence, you will still need to think about those workload that can’t be move to cloud and remain on-prem. More often than not, organization may still require connectivity between cloud and on-prem and manage those workload on both sites – unless you exit 100% off your data centre.


How F5 Simplified and Accelerate Your Cloud Migration Journey

F5 Distributed Cloud Platform is a cloud agnostic distributed platform that address the following outcome

  1. Simplified your network connectivity/stitching and application reachability
  2. Simplified your modern application deployment and lifecycle
  3. Simplified best of bread security consumptions
  4. Enabler for workload portability so that organization can achieve the vision of freedom of clouds and edge.

One of the key use cases F5XC able to deliver is to help organization in their cloud migration journey. F5XC will be able to help to simplify and streamline the migration process by enabling organization to execute seamless traffic delivery from site to site (e.g. lift and shift workload from on-prem to cloud). F5XC create a network abstraction layer between all your sites and perform seamless traffic delivery between sites that enable organization to transition workload from site (e.g. on-prem) to cloud.  

Please looks at the attached video to see how its work specifically on #1 and #4 above and reach out for a futher details discussion.


Published May 06, 2022
Version 1.0

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    Ret. Employee

    In today context, there are many legacy/localize apps reside on-premises/on edges.

    As a matter of fact, there are cases where customers are migrating/relocate their cloud workloads to on-premises/edges for various reasons. In my opinion, hybrid hosting architecture for enterprises are here to stay.

    Foo-Bang has nailed it nicely about the simplicity and acceleration of cloud migration plan with F5 Distributed Cloud, which he explained well in both his article and video on how the right tools and a right platform are key success factor in enterprises cloud migration endeavors.