F5 Agility 2021 - News, Updates, and Details of Virtual Event

The F5 Agility Agenda is taking shape. 

New speaker, Gregory Crabb, Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer, U.S. Postal Service.

Mr. Crabb is responsible for protecting the Postal Service — its employees, customers, critical infrastructure, and information systems — against present and future digital threats. He leads a team of information security professionals in defining and executing the Postal Service’s information security strategy and educating stakeholders and the public about its information security mission.


And the always-engaging video promotions (thanks @Peter Silva ) are live on DevCentral YouTube.

Agility 2021 starts in just under a month and details are coming online quickly.
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Check Out Our Keynote Speakers

In addition to François, Kara, Gus, and Haiyan we have a huge lineup of speakers AND...
Brian Krebs (https://krebsonsecurity.com/), the world famous cybersecurity blogger, has been confirmed as an Agility keynote speaker!

This keynote will not be recorded, only available on April 21st, so make sure to tell folks to register to see this live!

Brian Krebs is an independent investigative reporter who writes about cybercrime at the award-winning Web site KrebsOnSecurity.com.

Formerly with The Washington Post (1995 to 2009), Krebs is probably best known for breaking stories on high-profile data breaches, including those that hit Target, Home Depot, Michaels, and Ashley Madison.


Review all confirmed speakers and panelists at F5 Agility 2021 - Speakers.

Security Panel Discussion - April 21st

Since security is on our mind, and also on April 21st, there will be a live panel discussion:

The Role of Security in Digital Transformation. Hear from a live panel of industry experts—including F5 customers and partners, security analysts, and SecOps community leaders—as they dive into the effects a global pandemic has had on the rate of digital transformation and what that means as we move forward.

Registration Details

If you have already registered - Great!
If not (or if you have friends who have not yet registered) - there is no time like the present.

Register here: F5 Agility 2021

Published Mar 26, 2021
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