F5 2021 Agility Live! - with Jason and John

Some more Details (Update 4/19)
Agility starts tomorrow - it's not too late to register and find the sessions that most meet your needs.

  • The opening Keynote starts at 8AM (re-air at 6PM) Pacific
  • Ask The CTO panel starts at 12:noon Pacific
  • And...of course Agility Live! with Jason and John at 3PM to recap the day.

We are looking forward to a great week.
During F5 Agility 2021 (April 20-22) you can join Jason and John for any (or all) of the four scheduled Agility Live! sessions.Register for Agility 2021 here and add Agility Live! to your Agenda. 

Published Apr 16, 2021
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