DevCentral trivia event - UPDATED

Dec 16 UPDATE: The team had a lot of fun with this, and we hope that all the participants did as well. Everything on Zoom went smoothly, though we had an audio issue on YouTube. You can watch the second half of the event and play along with game 2 at home here:


Hi everyone,


We're happy to announce DevCentral's first-ever virtual trivia event!


11:30-12:30 PST on Tuesday, December 15


Come show off your technical, F5, DevCentral, and general knowledge in this live event hosted by the DevCentral team.


There will be 2 games of 15 questions each during this hour, with prizes for 4 lucky random players, and prizes for the winners. Attendance is capped at 500, so be sure to log in on time if you can.Stay tuned for more details here and on our Twitter feed on December 9.


Open and use event code DC1

Click HERE to join the live event on Zoom in order to hear us, or join the livestream over on our YouTube channel. 

The Zoom call and livestream will both go live shortly before the event. See you there!



Published Dec 02, 2020
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