Broken Yo Yo!

An emergency. VIPRION blade down. But this wasn’t the worst of it. In Denmark, the F5 expert team at security and networking reseller Snex faced a dire situation.

The F5 Yo Yo had broken.

The Technical Support team at F5 swung into action immediately. First, the secondary, non business-critical stuff. Snex had a new VIPRION blade the following day, and were able to maintain their ability to demonstrate the advantages of the world’s only application delivery controller able to scale on-demand.

And then they turned their attention to the knotty problem of the Yo Yo.

F5 are a billion-dollar organisation that sells to most of the world’s biggest banks and service providers. We have a reputation for quality, an important component of our market share and technology leadership.

And so there were important issues at stake. Should we metaphorically – and literally - sweep the defective Yo Yo under the carpet? Hope that it got forgotten about?


As all business leaders are aware, the cogs of commerce depend on inexpensive promotional items. And so, after great efforts from procurement, a replacement Yo Yo was located, purchased and shipped in second class post to Denmark, only weeks after the breakage and fulfilling the strict terms of F5’s Yo Yo SLA.

Here it is in action.

Published Feb 14, 2012
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