BIG-IP in Azure Classic! Yes, I’m Serious

So we all know that the BIG-IP is available in the Azure Marketplace right?  Right?  Well, if you weren’t aware, then you definitely need to checkout my previous post.

The title of this post will make much more sense .

Here’s something you may not have known; until now the BIG-IP was only deployable into Azure Resource Manager, (ARM).  This is the new Azure model that Microsoft is pushing their customers, and vendors alike, to use. 

So, what happens when you want to deploy a BIG-IP to support applications that have been previously deployed in Azure Classic, (ASM) mode?  Well, you could:

  • Deploy the BIG-IP into ARM and utilize a VPN to interconnect  your Classic and ARM VNets; or,
  • If you aren’t making use of Classic VNets, you could deploy the BIG-IP in ARM and access the Classic applications via a public interface, (see here).

Either option, while doable, is not as desirable as merely placing the BIG-IP in Azure Classic alongside the legacy application(s).  Thankfully, now you can!

Through the diligent application of technology, politics, and legal mumbo jumbo, the F5 BIG-IP can now be deployed from the Azure Marketplace into either ARM or Classic models, (see right).  How cool is that?  So, whether you are deploying your first Azure-hosted application or looking to bolster the security of your Azure Classic apps, the F5 BIG-IP is ready, willing, and able.


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Published Apr 22, 2016
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