BIG-IP Edge Client v1.0.4 for iOS

If you are running the BIG-IP Edge Client on your iPhone, iPod or iPad, you may have gotten an AppStore alert for an update.  If not, I just wanted to let you know that version 1.0.4 of the iOS Edge Client is available at the AppStore.

The main updates in v1.0.4:

  • IPv6 Support
  • Localization
  • New iPad Retina Graphics

The BIG-IP Edge Client application from F5 Networks secures and accelerates mobile device access to enterprise networks and applications using SSL VPN and optimization technologies. Access is provided as part of an enterprise deployment of F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager, Edge Gateway, or FirePass SSL-VPN solutions.  BIG-IP Edge Client for iOS Features:

Provides accelerated mobile access when used with F5 BIG-IP Edge Gateway.

Automatically roams between networks to stay connected on the go.

Full Layer 3 network access to all your enterprise applications and files.

I updated mine today without a problem.


Published Jul 11, 2012
Version 1.0

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