Another Major Milestone from our OpenStack Dev Team

I have to say I have a great job. I am lucky enough to get to work on some of the most exciting efforts at F5. And one of those efforts is working with F5's OpenStack Dev team.

Today this team delivered our LBaaS v2 driver on github! Providing our enterprise and telco\SP customers with a supported LBaaS v2 plugin on the Liberty platform is a crucial, next step in enabling customers to configure some of the advanced ADC services found on F5.  A supported LBaaS v2 driver for OpenStack is timely and exciting milestone for F5 and demonstrates our commitment to the success of F5's OpenStack projects.

If you are attending the OpenStack summit next week we would love to have you stop by our booth (B24) so that we can show you the unique and varied integrations that we have developed over the past several months. (Oh and if you stop by on Monday evening during the Hall Crawl you can enjoy a frosty beverege in a flashing F5 Pint glass)  To access our new LBaaS V2 plugin and documentation please visit our github site.  Feedback is always welcome!

Published Apr 18, 2016
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