Simple HTTP info page for your devs

Problem this snippet solves:

When implementing a virtual server in a complex multi fire-walling / natting environment, it is useful to reflect the details of a request back to a developer, as opposed to constantly having to supply other departments with the output of /var/log/ltm, or even worse giving non-F5 personnel access to the device.

Herewith a very small < 20 lines (in case I can enter 20 or less) irule that responds with everything I can think of gathering as far as request is concerned, in a sort of legible html format, with auto refresh...

How to use this snippet:

Apply to a virtual server with an http profile..

Code :

set response "

This is a client info request response

" append response "

Virtual Server Information Virtual server: [virtual name]
Backend Pool: [LB::server pool]
" append response "

IP Information Client IP: [IP::client_addr]
IP hops: [IP::hops]
IP Idle Timeout: [IP::idle_timeout]
IP TTL: [IP::ttl]
 Bytes in:\ [IP::stats bytes in]
 Bytes out:\ [IP::stats bytes out]
" append response "

TCP Information TCP client source port: [TCP::client_port]
TCP mss: [TCP::mss]
TCP round-trip-time: [TCP::rtt]
" append response "

HTTP Information HTTP method: [HTTP::method]
HTTP uri:

Client request headers
" foreach header [HTTP::header names] { append response " $header: [HTTP::header value $header]
"} append response "

" if {[HTTP::header exists "Content-Length"] } { HTTP::collect [HTTP::header "Content-Length"] } else { HTTP::collect 1048576 } append response "Client request payload: [HTTP::payload]" HTTP::respond 200 -version 1.1 content $response Cache-Control no-cache }

Tested this on version:


Published May 24, 2016
Version 1.0

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