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Early Release

Microsoft Office Web Apps iApp template v0.1.1

Use this template to configure the BIG-IP system, including BIG-IP LTM and APM, to provide high availability and optimization for Microsoft Office Web Apps Server 2013 deployments.

This configuration is meant for organizations who have existing F5 deployments (or are in the process of deploying F5) for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, Microsoft SharePoint 2013, or Microsoft Lync Server 2013, and want to use the BIG-IP system for the associated Office Web Apps implementation.

This is an early release of this iApp template.

For the associated deployment guide, see

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Published Mar 11, 2015
Version 1.0

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  • Please fix the f5.iapp.1.1.3.cli script. Either to match the other officially supported iApps like exchange, and RDS f5.iapp.1.1.3.cli or bump the version of the f5.iapp script. the differences break using other iApps that use the 1.1.3.cli script.
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    Sorry about that. v0.1.2 has been updated with the version of cli script 1.2.0. You can delete the existing 1.1.3 cli script from your BIG-IP using tmsh, then you should be able to import iApp templates that use the version included with the iApp package on
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    On v0.1.2.


    Please allow an option to specify a CA bundle, or alternatively to choose an existing SSL client profile.


  • Why is this iApp template not included in the iApp bundle download on the F5 Support site?


  • Where do I find the updated version of this iApp? I can only find v0.1.0