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Jan 30, 2023

Router/mesh recs?

Hi DevCentral community, it's your friendly neighborhood content manager!

My ancient router is struggling to keep up with my work from home/ stream everything / play every video game lifestyle. 

Anyone have recommendations for a new router or router/mesh combo?

Thanks in advance!


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  • One more for the road....

    You mentioned Unifi Amplimesh. They have another product you will want to check out. The UniFi UDR goes for $199 USD. The UDR allows you to enter the UniFi ecosystem at a retail price point. Supporting up to 500Mbit/s internet speeds this is a gateway product with enterpise grade network management. It provides 4 gigabit switch ports, 2 of which are PoE and gigabit wan port. At the top is a powerful Wifi 6 4x4 MIMO access point. It fully supports mesh networking with any of the UniFI wireless products (sold seperately). You wont find a better insight into residential  networking. With a five minute mobile phone setup routine and the ability to configure the rest from anywhere on the planet, tech support just became a whole lot easier -- UniFi Dream Router , More Info


    I cannot adequately express how good these devices are. They are a joy to use. For the linux geeks, if you want to know whats under the hood so to speak checkout this bash script to setup letencrypt certs across a range of their products. It should give you a feel for whats running on them.