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Nov 30, 2013

XML Content Based Routing

I am trying to configure my LTM to send VS requests to a specific pool based on the content of an XML document. The XML contains an 'orgName' which is essentially a customer identification number. I want to compare the orgName with the contents of a data group and if there is a match send the request to pool_A else send the request to the pool_B.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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  • I have created the XML profile and applied the profile to the VS. However, when I check the profile statistics by navigating to Overview | Statistics | Local Traffic | Profile Summary | XML I am only seeing documents with no matches.


    This is the XML profile I created.


    profile xml Routing_by_Org defaults from xml namespace mappings { mapping prefix "abc" mapping namespace "xmlns:abc" } path queries "//abc:orgName"


  • I have modified my XML profile as follows:

    profile xml Routing_by_Org
      defaults from XML
      namespace mappings {
        mapping prefix "abc"
        mapping namespace ""
      path queries "//abc:orgName/*"

    I am still not seeing any matches in the statistics. Also, my iRule does not appear to trigger.

    This is the iRule

    log local0. "XML Detected"
    for (set i 0) { $i < $XML::count } {incr i} {
    log local0. $XML::queries($i)
    log local0. $XML::values($i)
    if { ([matchclass [$XML::values($i) equals Routing_by_Org])} {
    pool pool_A

    The first logging event on line three never ocurrs which leads me to believe the event on line one is never triggered.

  • Can someone tell me what the URL in the namespace mapping is used for? Does the LTM reach out to that URL?


    mapping namespace ""


  • Are there any logs I can inspect to view the inspected XML documents? The issue appears to be with the XML profile itself.


  • I modified the XML profile to search for 'sample' and removed the namespace definition. Passing 'sample' in the request resulted in a match. The issue appears to be with the namespace definition.


    My namespace is abc:orgName


    The hierarchy of the XML document is... soapenv:Body abc:level1 abc:level2 abc:orgName


    Does the hierarchy matter or do I only need to define the abc namespace?


  • I was able to get the XML profile to work by changing the path query to all lowercase.