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Mar 09, 2011

writing REST geoip service in iRules




From being told to install a Quova GeoDirectory cluster the other day, frontend by my LTM's I quickly found that I could possibly just use iRules to provide the basic functionality that GeoDirectory provides. I can put the Quova data sets directly on the LTM's and use whereis. All uses I've seen on whereis are based around them being part of a backend auth mechanism and the likes, but my situation would be that I'd need to present a vs & iRule to actually BE the server, and emulate the REST calls that we are currently looking to LB onto real servers.



I've seen a bit about SOAP vs REST here and some basic iRules, but how feasible is it to fully replace a service like GeoDirectory with a few dozen lines of iRules?



Also, what would likely be the relative workload of the two solutions for the LTM? How much more work is it to do a dozen whereis checks in an iRule vs a basic LB to a pool?















"It is a direct violation of the EULA to use F5’s data to embed geolocation information or codes representing geolocation information into the requests such that another application or server could make the decision on what to do with that data."



I'm not allowed to do this, am I? Well actually we do have genuine Quova licenses, so I guess it's probably not a complete blocker on that part... where's that account manager....


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  • Hi Chris,



    As you found there are some potential license limitations with this. I suggest you get in touch with your account manager and SE to determine whether it's possible to come up with a solution.