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Oct 03, 2011

WMI Load Balancing based on CPU

Hello all,



We try to implement WMI CPU based load balancing and we meet a issue. We have done a correct configuration corresponding to the Documentation, Web Site… It works ! But the ratio of the CPU loaded server is still too high and it receives connexions (about 40% when it should receive less than 10% - we have loaded it at 70% cpu where the others are about 5%)




We have configured the following : Metrics: LoadPercentage:5, DiskUsage:0, PhysicalMemoryUsage:0, VirtualMemoryUsage:0




We have done the same kind of configuration with SNMP and it works well but our customer would prefer WMI.




Can-you see where's the issue ?





François , HP consultant for a common customer

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  • Hi Francois,



    I'd try opening a case with F5 Support on this. If you do, could you reply back here with what you find out for future reference?



    Thanks, Aaron