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Dec 27, 2023

Windows firewall doesn't detect SSL VPN as domain network


we've had issues when some users logon to VPN where the network profile on their Windows device does not set the connected SSL VPN as "domain network".

This causes problems when trying to do certain things, the main issue we see is users not being able to connect to brokered RDP environment.

I have found an article that addresses this with some reg keys as a work around but it suggests the ideal solution is that the VPN uses callback API's to add routes as soon as the VPN adapter arrives at Windows.  Does anyone know how we'd go about configuring this?

Link to page: Windows Firewall not recognizing Domain network on Windows 10 (

From the above link:

These are the three API that a VPN should use for Windows.

  • NotifyUnicastIpAddressChange: Alerts callers of any changes to any IP address, including changes in DAD state.
  • NotifyIpInterfaceChange: Registers a callback for notification of changes to all IP interfaces.
  • NotifyAddrChanget: Notifies the user about address changes.

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