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Feb 29, 2024

Win11 F5 VPN: specified port is already open



On Windows 11 after hibernation when the device is waken up, we get the error: specified port is already open. It seems to me the VPN connection isn't killed at hibernate, and after hibernate, the client tries to restore the same VPN connection, but isn't able to, as the session has been killed in the backend. The only workaround so far is restarting rasman service, or rebooting the client.

Has anybody encountered these issues? Is there a configuration issue that causes this?


Thanks in advance.

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  • The event viewer sequence goes:






    20227 => login failed, error code returned 703

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    Yes, I also experience this.  It is associated with hibernation and probbaly sleep (to a level that powers down the NIC).  Event errors are as you report.  We had this with win10 but it seems to be more common with Win11.  Workarounds are the same