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Mar 14, 2011

Wildcard cookie

Hello. I have migrated my config from a Cisco CSS to an F5 LTM and have run into a problem. One the CSS I was able to have a cookie that was use for all parts of the domain. I was able to set the option called "cookie-domain" on the Cisco CSS and that could would work for all subdomains. Below is a link to that info on Cisco's site.



I have been looking for this option on the F5 but have not been able to find it. I have look under the persistence profile and creating a new one however I dont see that option for a cookie-domain or anything like a wild card cookie. I am assuming that I might have to do this in an iRule or that the option I need to set is not in the persistence profile are of the GUI and that I might have to make this modification via the CLI with the bigpip command. I currently have a F5 ticket open for this but havent gotten far with it so I thought I would post this question out in the wild and see what I could find.



The key is that if a user goes to or or I need that user to stay stuck/persisted to the same server they were load balanced to. These sites all need to have their own virtual servers because they have SSL so they all need their own IP address.



Below is a link that I found that that shows how to do this in PHP and a snippet from the page. However I need to do this on the F5 and I need to be able to set the value of the cookie to the pool member the user was load balanced to.



PHP Code:


setcookie('name', $value, time()+$duration, '/', '')



Note the leading dot at the start of the "".




Thanks in advanced for any help that you can provide on this.





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