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Jun 13, 2021

where can I find RealSystem Server product for Windows servers

for Configuring a RealSystem Server for Dynamic Ratio load balancing in F5 load balancer,i have to install the application in a server and install the monitoring agent.

could please advice where can I download the RealSystem Server app.

thank you

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  • Use the following guide


    Manual Chapter : Dynamic Ratio Load Balancing


    Installing the monitor plug-in on a RealSystem server system (Windows version)

    This task installs the monitor plug-in on a RealSystem Server system (Windows version).

    1. Download the monitor plug-in F5RealServerPlugin.dll from the BIG-IP system.
    2. The plug-in is located in the folder /usr/local/www/docs/agents.
    3. Copy F5RealServerPlugin.dll to the RealServer plug-ins directory. (For example, C:\Program Files\RealServer\plug-ins.)
    4. If the RealSystem Server process is running, restart it.


    You can also click the About tab in the Web Configuration utility, and click Plugins

  • Thank you for you quick answer, this for the plug-ins but How I get as well the (RealSystem server system )application

    is it available on F5 download portal