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Apr 20, 2022

When should I change Maximum Answers Returned in a Wide ip pool?

I have web servers with different IP addresses in a pool.

Right now I am balancing, sometimes the reply is IP A, and other times IP B.

In case I increase the Maximum Ansers Returned parameter for 2, in normal conditions I will get IP A and IP B at the same time. Is that a good idea? will I improve in availability or response time?
I do think I will lost some control and flexibility because in some sense, I will delegate the "balancing" decision to the end host. Am I right? In my case, which one would be the best option?

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  • Allowing both replies simply means there is a backup option. Often DNS serves will round robin these responses by default. Test wil show you if thats happening but BIG-IP DNS gives you the control so unless there is a specific reason for more than one leave it as is.