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May 23, 2011

Webpage Under Maintenance

Dear Experts,




We are going to remove the existing two virtual servers(with the same ip but for HTTP and HTTPS services).



And we are creating two new virtual servers(with the same ip as old virtual servers) and putting the the two new nodes on it for HTTP and HTTPS services.



Pls see the attachment for your reference.



During this change activity our Server team want to get the message "Webpage is under maintenance" on the web browser when the users try to access the HTTP and HTTPS services.



Could you pls let me know if LTM itself have the capability to send a "Webpage is under maintenance" message when the users who try to access the webpage?



If so could you pls let me know how we can achieve it. Could you also pls share the configuration for the same.



Thank you!


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  • Dear Experts,



    Could you pls some one help me out on this?



    We will be doing maintenance in 2 hours.



    Thank you!


  • Hi Adam,



    Which LTM version are you running? Do you want to serve pure HTML or images as well for the maintenance message?



    For the former, you can use HTTP::respond to send some HTML:





    For the latter, you can use an iRule and datagroup. You can look for "maintenance" in the Codeshare for examples:





  • Hi Aaron,



    Thank you for your response.



    I m running 10.0.1 version.



    I m poor in iRules.



    Could you pls give me the iRule code?



    Best Regards,


  • Do you want LTM to send just HTML code for the maintenance page? Or do you want LTM to also send images?



  • Dear Aaron,



    Just I would like LTM to send HTML code for the maintenance page.



    Best Regards,


  • This is a simple page to do what you are asking for:

    when HTTP_RESPONSE {
    HTTP::respond 200 content "Site unavailable
    System Maintenance
    NOTICE: This site is down for maintenance.