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Sep 29, 2011

Web Server Monitoring by F5

Hi everyone,


I need help to implement a report monitoring that able to monitoring the statistics on the web server into server farm.



Is it possible to implement a logging system like



iRule? SNMP?



Could you help me?


Thanks a lot


Best regards





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  • You can check Zabbix, an open source monitoring tool.



    To me, Zabbix is very easy to configure, we use it to monitor vSphere/F5/etc. I just create Zabbix Trappers and use zabbix_sender to send the statistics.


  • Hi Hum,


    thanks for the tip, I know a similar product Cacti, open source too, I testing the Splunk that capture syslog from F5 and I'm very glad for the simply configuration.



    Thanks a lot