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Aug 24, 2011

Web Caching Bigip

All, were in the process of implementing a new firewall stack and URL filtering system. However, we are now looking at different internet caching options. Wondering if anyone has used F5 inline for just internet web caching? My guess is I could put a pair of bigips inline where all web content would pass through. Most proxys go out to the internet and get the page. I'm wondering in this scenario if the bigip would extract the content from the http packet with a profile? Haven't really done much web caching as of yet. Mostly just load balancing and ssl offloading. Any input is appreciated.








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    I was wondering about this myself... I suspect youd need an irule to do a bit of smarts for you, but i think (without too much thought about it yet) that it should be able to doit...



    With v11 you could probably even integrate websense or similar with sideband connections doing icap... But i think that MAY be a tad tedious because everything is inline...



    Just gut feelings at the moment though... No real thought in it yet...



  • I was thinking if I directed our default network route to a VIP listening on all ports for example on the bigip. That way all other traffic would pass. This device would be inline and capture all internet traffic. Then if I applied an http caching profile to that, it might work. I'm not sure if it's that simple or not.