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Feb 15, 2012

WA Clear SmartCache or Invalidate All content

Dear All,



I'm having problem on how to clear SmartCache, or invalidate all content.




Let say that if the web masters changed contents on the server, the content on the browser still served to the cache, so we need to clear the SmartCache or invalidate all of the content.




Although i know how to invalidate on F5 Web management, the web masters doesn't have that privileged (accessing F5 management). So i need to find another way, which stumbled on invalidation trigger. I have to make it very simple, let say that only just accessing, all of the content will be invalidate or even clearing the SmartCache.




I'm already tried this, but no luck:




Leaf > Invalidate


- Query Parameter "invalidate", value "true"


- Path /


Acceleration Rule:


- Invalidation: Query Parameter "invalidate", value "true", path "/", (optional: Client IP: 10.*)


- Content to invalidate: Host " or", path "/"




Any hints will be veeeerrryyy helpful










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    The key is to make sure that the invalidation trigger request that you send matches the node which you create the invalidation trigger on. So if you create the trigger on a policy node which matches on all .foo file extensions then you would need to formulate your invalidation request like:





    Where this request might normally return 404, with the invalidation trigger on the node it will cause the invalidation event to occur.



    Also make sure you have set the trigger to be enabled (much like you have to publish a policy after it has been saved).



    Hope that helps!