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Nov 15, 2011

VS control

My F5-1500 is now 9.4.8.


I want to 'dsiable' a virtual server when an unrelated pool has no active nodes. I used the 'discard' command to prevent VS access since I could not find any 'disable' command. My problem is that when the pool once again has active nodes I can not get the VS to accept messages again. That is, the 'discard' works but I can't turn it off except by manually removing the irule. Is there a way to restart the VS when the pool has active nodes again?




The unrelated pool is 'ISD-Switch-pool'.


On EFT-VS resources, I have assigned EFT-pool and this iRule:





if {([active_members ISD-Switch-pool] < 1)}




elseif {([active_members ISD-Switch-pool] > 1)}


{ node "" }


elseif {([active_members ISD-Switch-pool] equals 1)}


{ pool EFT-pool } }


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  • can you try this?

    when HTTP_REQUEST { 
       if {[active_members ISD-Switch-pool] < 1} { 
       } elseif {[active_members ISD-Switch-pool] > 1} { 
          node "" 
       } else { 
          pool EFT-pool