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Jan 17, 2012

VM Hotfix HF1 for VE Version 11.1

I have been trying for several hours and have not been able to figure out how to install hotfix HF1 on a 11.1 LTM virtual machine. I realize that you cannot apply the fix to an active partition, but I only have one partion. So then how do you apply the hotfix? I have deployed the F5 on an ESX server running VMware.




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  • Hi Mark,



    Make sure you have the 11.1 ISO and 11.1 hotfix imported under /shared/images. You can then go to System ›› Software Management : Hotfix List, check the hotfix, click Install, select a new volume for the target installation, and click Install. For the target volume, enter 2 (for HD1.2) assuming you have HD1.1 as the active slot now. The base 11.1 ISO and the hotfix will both be installed on the new HD1.2 slot.



  • Thank you. I had to download the .iso version of LTM and not the .ova version. Then I was able to install a second boot partition and apply the hotpatch to the non-active partition.
  • Yep. The vmware OVA file could only be used to create a completely new LTM VE instance. The ISOs are what you use to install on new slots of an existing VM.