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Nov 23, 2011

viprion question

Hi All, I am planning to deploy Exchange 2010 load balancing through Viprion 2400. And this Viprion box will be connected to Juniper box. I need to active the below connectivity with Viprion as per the diagram attached Please find the attached Viprion 2400 layout, there should be 4 x SFP/SFP+ slot for 1Gbps & 10Gbps uplink, and there are 3 x RJ45 copper on each blade, the Failover, Console and Mgt port. BAU need at least two copper, the console and management port and it may need a failover connection for HA setup between Mega and Jumbo. Question here is the SFP+ 10Gbps connection will be connected to Juniper network switch and if failover is required and it is copper, it may need to connect to Cisco switch. Please see whether user have the overall network connectivity requirement on it??
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