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Aug 15, 2017

VIP pool to VIP

how can I conect with VIP when my pool is VIP


so it is like


VIP-----> VIP --------> pool x-------> y --------> z


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  • Sorry, I didn't understand that question.


    Are you trying to connect to a virtual server from another Virtual server on different bigip?


    Regards, Jinshu


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    You can create 2 VIPs and one pool. See below


    1. Create VIP2 and assign your pool to it.


    Then create VIP1 and assign VIP2 as its pool. Remember to use same port number of your VIP2 in your VIP1 pool. We do this when VIP1 and VIP2 are on different F5s.


    If you just need a redirect from VIP1 to VIP2, you can use a irule or LTM policy.


    Hope this make sense!


  • I'm looking for the same or similar solution.


    Situation: I have a set of virtual servers that I need to serve up on two IP addresses on the same LTM.


    It seems that you can only define one IP address for a virtual server.


    Now mentioned above is to 'redirect' VIP1 to VIP2.. If you are thinking browser redirect or something, that isn't viable. I'm thinking of resourcing VIP1 to VIP2..


    There is a 'virtual' irule command, but I'm not clear that will do it.


    Other idea mentioned above is to have VIP2 as the pool for VIP1. How to minimize or standardize the virtual server configuration for VIP2 allowing the 'bulk' of the details (and Irules and SSL termination if needed, etc.) to be all on VIP1.


    Worst case is to have to replicate the VIP1 configuration details in VIP2.. two matching virtual servers with the only difference being the IP address.


    Very interested in good ways to accomplish this..




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      seems an irule that would do it is:

      ltm rule /Common/rule_switch_vs {
        when CLIENT_ACCEPTED {
           virtual vs_mychart_https

      and use it:

      ltm virtual /Common/vs_VIP1 {
          destination /Common/
          ip-protocol tcp
          profiles {
              /Common/fastL4 { }
          rules {
          translate-address enabled
          translate-port disabled