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Apr 25, 2023

View zone bigip dns manipulation


I have a bigip dns configured with 1 listening ip (I can have 2 if necessary), inside the bigip dns I have 2 views, one INTERNAL and the other INTRANET, in each view I have the same zones but with different ips, example: INTERNAL xpto zone. entry type A ip, and in the INTRANET zone entry type A ip All my clients arrive here at some address in the range.

I need to find a way that when customers make a request I can direct them to a specific view, in this case INTRANET or INTERNAL.

Another alternative that seems easier is to have 2 listening and each one responds through a view, but how to do that? It seems to me that when listening is consulted, it resolves by taking the priority view and if it does not find it, it goes on to the others if they exist, but in this case, as the zones are the same, they will always exist and I will never be able to deliver different ips as I want.

Anyone any light?

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      In the views there are these predefined order. But in this case, the listening will search according to it, that is, if the INTRANET view is second, the listening will never be able to consult it because according to the information I provided, I have all the entries in the INTERNAL VIEW but with Different IPS.

      That's why the need to direct requests for a specific listening to always look for a specific view.