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Feb 19, 2015

Using tmsh to create portal resource and add caption?

Hi there,


i want to automate the creation of portal access ressources using the tmsh. I can create the portal access but i cannot add the caption. Is there a way like it is with citrix ressources to simply add Caption and descrition for all languages?


BR Martin


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  • I've tried to do the same thing through

    , but have not thoroughly tested the ramifications of manually changing the customization files. What I have found is a couple places where the customization files reside on the file system. One of seems to be what's shown up in the GUI when you're configuring the resource. The other seems to be what's actually visible on the webtop. If you create the resource in tmsh, I'm not sure if it creates a customization file right then or not, but if so, you can use the following paths to help with updating the caption.

     This is what you would see in the config UI
    cd "/config/filestore/files_d/Common_d/customization_group_d/"
     This is what you would see on the webtop 
    cd "/var/sam/www/php_include/webtop/renderer/customization/resource_web_app//_resource_web_app_customization/"