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May 06, 2011

Using the LTM-VE to prepare for a v9.x to 10.x upgrade


We have a single LTM1500 which we plan to upgrade from 9.4.x to version 10.2.x We would like to use the LTM-VE to help us prepare for the migration to version 10 and aim to begin by restoring a backup from the LTM1500 to the LTM-VE.



Are there any guides/suggestions/gotachas about doing this?






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  • Hi,



    You could try loading your 9.4.x UCS on a VE edition. It's not officially supported, but it might work. The only VE trial version is 10.1.0. You could contact your local F5 SE or partner and ask for a VE 10.2.1 eval license instead. If the config doesn't load, try running 'b load' and resolving the errors you see one by one.



    You might do better to ask your SE for a loaner 1500 which you could test on instead.



  • just wanted to confirm


    1/ the only trial version is 10.1.0? (it is not that clear,cos the download link from the TRIAL link takes you to the virtual repository, but one can change the default 10.1.0 and select 10.2.0.


    2/ if it is not the only version, can you upgrade from say 10.1.0 to 10.2.0


    3/ can one apply hotfixes?



  • VE Trial License is just for 10.1.0 as Hoolio said... the SN provided will just work for this version and no upgrades can be applied, but I'm not sure if Hot-fixes will be



    LTM VE Trial is only available for 10.1.0, there's no download link for LTM VE Trial if you select 10.2.2 for example
  • No, hotfixes can't be applied to the 10.1 trial version.