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Sep 21, 2011

Using F5 iControl to deploy new iApp

We have been playing with the new iApp templates, and they look great. However currently we are automating the configuration process of setting up our VIPs, Pools, Nodes and we're using iControl (via PowerShell) to do this.




How can we deploy new applications based on a paricular iApp template using iControl (specifically the PowerShell version)? Can you point me in the right direction?



It this currently possible or on the road map?








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    I don't have experience doing this via PowerShell to share any code, but iControl exposes two interfaces in the Management module for managing iApp templates and services.


    Specifically, to deploy an iApp service from an existing template, you'll want to invoke Management::ApplicationService::create and provide all of the variables, lists, and tables that your iApp requires.


  • Thanks Brent! Do you have a link to any documentation on this class and the methods/variables we can pass it.





  • Also does anyone know if/when the Powershell provider for this added functionality will be ready?