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Apr 03, 2021

Using F5 DNS to replace the service provider's DNS

Hello folks:


Please, I hope you could help me with this silly question.


I am planning to get rid out my Internet Service Provider DNS and to deploy the F5 DNS module instead. Currently, the ISP's DNS is responsible for resolving the queries coming to[my_country_domain] domain. I don not want to use such DNS anymore due to I need to use the F5 DNS module instead. I have deployed the F5 DNS with the same zones and records as the ISP DNS, but I am not sure how to define it in the organization that rules the [my_country_domain] domain. In the F5 box, I have defined an NS record ([my_country_domain] pointing to the LISTENER. Such name[my_country_domain] must be set in the organization that rules the [my_country_domain] domain. But, I am not sure if the[my_country_domain] name is going to be resolved properly as it is only declared in my F5. How the organization that rules [my_country_domain] will know the IP of my name server? Do I need to do something in order to the name[my_country_domain] is known before setting it in the organization that rules [my_country_domain]?





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  • You would need to contact external registrar and make F5 DNS NS servers authoritative for your domain ( Once it's done all DNS queries to that domain would come to your F5 DNS for resolution.

    ​please make sure F5 DNS is setup for that zone and all relevant DNS (A, CNAME) records are created inside that zone.