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Jun 15, 2011

user - multiple partition access

Can we create a user who have access to multiple partition?


BIG_IP 10.1.0


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  • not to all partition in the system, just for few partitions which i select.



  • i've never seen this functionality. i'd suggest open a support ticket and submit feature request.
  • I believe that the answer to your question is currently No. You could follow nitass's suggestion and put in an RFE (Request for Enhancement) for that functionality.



    For multiple partition access you would have to issue multiple accounts under the current functionality.
  • You can open a normal case however you typically do (,, a phone call, etc) but ask them to create a 'request for enhancement' for you. If it's accepted, they'll give you an RFE ID which tracks the request. If you get an ID, could you reply with it here for others to reference?