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May 04, 2012

Upgrading f5 6800

Hello Everyone!



I am replacing the f5 6800 running v 9.2 for a viprion 2400 running v.11 i want to know if there is no problem if we just change the viprion for the 6800 F5's or if we should/must upgrade the 6800 to version 11 and then deploy the viprions.




i will appreciate your help thanks!


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  • Hi Daniel,



    It will be easier to convert the config by having the new and old units on the same version. Or if the legacy config is simple, you could configure the new units from scratch. Going from 9.2 to 11.0 would require a few step upgrades.



  • Hi Daniel,


    You have actually asked a very wide question with no information related to the funning configuration on your existing boxes and the throughput requried by those application. which modules of BIGIP are you running on 6800 units ????? v 9.2 any ways is really very very old... and switching to Vipron 2400 is not a bad idea... your F5 Local SE should be able to guide you properly and make sure that the application that you will be switching from the previous version is properly working on the new version. I am sure you are aware that it is not possible to take the configuration file backup on ver 9.2 and just upload it on ver 11 its not gona happen so better get in touch with your local F5 S.E.