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Jun 20, 2019

Upgrade from F5 appliance (hardware) to F5 appliance (Virtual)

Hi Team,


We are planing to perform the upgrade all f5 LTM and GTM modules which are running on dedicated F5 hardware appliance to Virtual Environment ( i.e on i5000/i7000 serial appliance).


Can anyone help me how to progress such kind of changes LTM and GTM from F5 hardware to Virtual environment .?


Thanks in advance

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  • Yes.. Great thanks for sharing this article. I understood it better:)




    Challenge : Problem in our environment F5 appliances is that those existing LTM and GTM appliance are running with Version 10.X which older one.


    Now decision made by internally management team to upgrade from hardware appliance to Virtual appliance along with 11.x or later (newer ) version of operating system.


    Its mentioned in the article that:

    • "The platform-migrate parameter does not work for migrating BIG-IP UCS files from BIG-IP 10.x. If you are migrating BIG-IP, you must start with a BIG-IP configuration from a BIG-IP 11.x installation." 


    Solution: So now how can we proceed with this kind of migration activity without involving F5 support ?


    Many thanks,





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    Would you consider upgrading a hardware appliance to v11? This way the device will upgrade your config automatically from v10 to v11. You could boot into the new volume and then grab a UCS archive, before reverting back to the v10 volume. You could then build the VE based on this v11 UCS file.

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      Yes... I am planning to upgrade a hardware appliance and also BIGIP 11.X or later version of operating system.


      But in order to get the V11 UCS. Outage required to upgrade from TMOS V10 to V11. Am I right .?


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    If you have a HA pair you could just do this on the Standby without service disruption, but still probably a change window in case Active fails for some reason whilst you're working on Standby

  • i am not a big fan of platform-migrate. normally i use ucs file. when platform is difference, 1st load will fail but all configuration files are restored. go edit configuration files (e.g. /config/bigip_base.conf, /config/bigip.conf) directly and then re-load the configuration (i.e. tmsh load sys config).


    if my memory serves me right, we can load 10.x ucs into 11.x unit. system will convert configuration automatically.


    hope this helps

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      very welcome