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Jul 11, 2012

universal protocol persistence




We are having one iRule which is used to persist (Universal persistence) both http and websocket (ws, wss) protocols persistence.










switch -glob [string tolower [HTTP::uri]] {




"/api/channel*" {


pool "istumps2-chan-pool"


persist uie [HTTP::header "objectId"] 300





"/api/presence*" {


pool "istumps2-prsn-pool"


persist uie [HTTP::header "objectId"] 300






default {


pool "istumps2-nginx-pool"


persist none











Somehow for the above two (http & ws or wss) protocols the request are going to different nodes in the pool. For troubleshooting we had added the log statements in the above iRule to confirm this behaviour.




Is it possible that we can persist these connections both http and websockets to the same node in the pool.






Thanks in advance.














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    In the persist profile there are some check boxes about match across pools and match across services.You should be able to check match across pools and as long as the same members are in the pool it should send both requests to the same member.