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  • Hi Indeed,


    you should be able to locate a History page in Security >> Application Security. You can revert to a previous version of the policy.

    And in the Audit Log, which you can find in Security >> Application Security : Audit : Log you can review the changes made to a policy.

    In both places, History and Audit Log, make sure you select the correct security policy from the dropdown menu.




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        I guess, I didn't refreshed the page so did not realized that you have already answered same. Apologies!

  • Here you have below options,

    1. Manually remove the config which got added by accepting the suggestions.
    2. Revert back to earlier policy version from Policy Version History section.


    Hope it helps!

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      Can you please provide how to get to Option 1?

      I can't find a page where all violations/rules are  "Accepted"