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Jun 28, 2023

unable to ping VIP from server with the F5 as the DGW

In our current setup, we have a cluster of servers that utilize the F5 load balancer as their default gateway. This load balancer operates as a high availability (HA) pair, with the default gateway s...
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    Jul 07, 2023

    so if it was suggested and I  didnt see it I  apoligize. The fix for me was to go to the virtual server that I  was trying to access from the host nework (10.1.228.x) which used the F5 as its gateway and add the VLAN to the VLAN and tunnels section. it only had the ext vlan present and when I  created the new network and new vlan (int_vlan) I  needed to add it to that in order for it to connect to the VIPS