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May 10, 2011

trunk between LTM

Hello everybody,



I have some question about the opportunity of the trunk.


We want to connect two LTM 8900 together for enabling the High Availability. Perhaps not usefull..


On the LTM, we have trunk (proprietary ?) capabilities ? and LACP ? which is not enabled by default.



What is the best design about trunking (without any switch between LTM)?


I have seen that with LACP, we have the capabilities to detect errors on link.



Thank you in advance for your feedback.





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  • I've always connected 2 cables in a trunk between them and used LACP without issue.
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    I always recommend a switch. Otherwise you don't know if the fault is local (Possible local switchport fault), or the remote system failing...



    - Of course introducing a switch also means you have one more item of equipment to fail... But I find stacked cisco 3750's to be pretty good for mitigating that feature...



  • Thank you very much for your reply. I didn't see any issue on the askf5 portal about trunking.


    We will connect the two LTM together without any switch.