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May 17, 2011

traceroute to servers in internal VLANs

My LTMs run 10.2.0. We have a wildcard VS which allows the LTM to act as a router to some internal VLANs. When we attempt to perform a traceroute from servers in an external VLAN to a server in an internal VLAN, the LTM does not seem to allow the traceroute to go through. The last hop is always the LTM, and that makes the LTM appear as though it isn't processing traffic properly. This is not true of course, but I can never explain why the LTM doesn't allow the traceroute command to finish. The only article I could find related to traceroute is SOL7459, but there is no SNAT involved in this architecture. I'm simply trying to run a traceroute from a server in an external VLAN to a device in the internal VLAN.



Is there a configuration option in the FastL4 wildcard VS I'm missing? It doesn't appear there is very much to configure...