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Nov 19, 2010

Top Ten KPIs




As management often do, I have been posed the challenge of identifying the top ten KPIs for our Big-IP estate. With all the elements and metrics that can now be monitored on the Big-IPs it is difficult to identify just ten that summarise Key Performance. I imagine CPU and Memory Utilisation would make most peoples top two but what about the other eight?



I would be interested in your thoughts on your top tens.







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  • Good question Jason, I should have mentioned that.



    We have LTM and ASM installed. For the purposes of this discussion though I'm concentrating on LTM.


  • a start...
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Conn/s
      • Total
      • Per-Interface
      • Per-Virtual
    • Throughput
      • Total
      • Per-Interface
      • Per-Virtual
    • SSL TPS
    Could also track http error rates, and if you use ramcache and/or compression, the appropriate stats from those features.
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    add Packets per second.



    Conn/sec per interface isn't available and doesn't matter. Per virtual is sufficient
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      I have the same question and we have ASM, APM, LTM and GTM installed. Are the KPI’s the same for all the modules or are there different KPI’s for each?