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Sep 03, 2010

Top talkers

Hi folks



Couldn't find an appropriate forum name to pose this question ... here goes anyway





We occasionally have rouge web crawlers generating large amounts of traffic and affecting the performance of our Big-IP 6400 HA pair .... robots.txt not taking care of some of these.





1. Is there a way to determine 'Top Talkers' or IP addresses generating the most traffic on a Big-IP LTM?


2. Is there an irule which can drop these blaclisted IP's as they try to connect?



Suspect I may have to do this on the firewall but wanted to check first if possible to do from the Big-IP






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  • Hi,



    Sure, you could do this with an iRule on LTM. If you're on 10.x, you can use the table command to save this info in a session table. For 9.x, you can use a global array.



    You can check the iRule codeshare and table wik page for more info.









    Table command info